People with sinusitis may find that they suffer from one or more of the following symptoms. Click on the symptoms to find out the cause and how to best treat it. Remember if you have any further questions, do not hesitate to become a member of the Sinus Hotline Community and get advice from experts and fellow Sinusitis sufferers.

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  • Sinusitis is caused by an inflammation of the sinus membranes which is triggered by an infection or an allergic reaction. If the membranes swell up they will block the nasal drainage resulting in a sinus headache.It is quite common for people who have had the symptoms for a long time or who have treated it with suppressive drugs to have a dull headache constantly. Herbal treatments effectively relieve dull headaches. They work slow and steadily and are very effective at getting rid of the problems which cause a dull headache. As the herbs start to take effect the nose will unblock and start to run and eventually the headache will be relieved.
  • What causes a stuffed nose?The secretions that are produced in the sinuses behind the cheeks drain down into the nasal cavity. If there is an added infection or allergic reaction in the sinuses, then swelling takes place and the nose blocks. The symptoms of a stuffed nose affect those who are exposed to dust, pollens or chemicals. Herbs work effectively to slowly remove the infection.
  • Sleeping with your mouth open is directly as a result of having a blocked nose, making breathing difficult. If this is a constant habit during sleep it can cause a sore throat and dry mouth.
  • Post Nasal Drip is a very common symptom of Sinusitis, making it easy to identify Sinusitis sufferers. Have you ever been talking to someone and had to pause to try and swallow at the risk of blowing a bubble of mucus?! Many use chemical drugs, not to heal the sinus issue but to avoid the embarrassment. The sinus patient swallows infected rubbish every time their sinus is active. Their health can be at a ’sub’ level much of the time. Herbal remedies are extremely effective at repairing the mucus membranes and therefore stopping post nasal drip for good!
  • Sinus sufferers commonly suffer from constant hawking which occurs when thick mucus drips from the sinus area and becomes difficult to dislodge. This symptom is debilitating and unpleasant for sinus sufferers and those nearby. A homeopathic remedy, Kali bic, will relieve this problem. It won’t fix it, but along with the herbal remedies and time, healing can take place.
  • Constant hawking causes constant swallowing. The stringy, ropey mucous drips down the back of the throat resulting in a constant post nasal drip. This can be relieved with the help of herbal treatments, which dissolve the mucous and prevent the initial creation of the mucous.
  • The Eustachian tubes are small tubes that connect the middle ear with the nose and throat. Infections can travel from the throat and nose up to the ear through this passageway. When this passageway is infected the crackling sound is actually the ear hearing the activity as the mucus cells grow and multiply in the Eustachian tubes. This crackling is reduced as the infection is healed.
  • Pain in the cheek, like pain and crackling in the ear is caused by a build up of mucus behind the cheek bones. No amount of blowing will relieve that pain, until the Sinusitis is removed.
  • Those who suffer from sleep apnoea will wake constantly during the night because their breathing either slows or stops. This can be caused by chronic sinusitis in which the mucus membrane remains swollen, thus blocking the airway passage.
  • The sinus sufferer swallows mucus all the time when the sinusitis is active. Constantly swallowing mucus, especially during sleep, makes sufferers much more susceptible to colds. The post nasal drip can lead to a dry irritating cough and constant sore throats.
  • Suffering from bad breath is extremely irritating and can lead to serious self esteem issues. Constant bad breath is caused by swallowing mucus, which is then processed by all the normal bodily functions. Processing the mucus is a lengthy process and until the hydrochloric acid begins break down the mucus, bad breath will prevail.In addition to bad breath, the mucus in the stomach can cause feelings of discomfort and nausea as well as suppressing any appetite. Once herbal remedies are sought, they clear up the sinuses allowing the stomach to be repaired and ensuring that the bad breath disappears and a healthy appetite returns.
  • People commonly think that snoring is just natural and perhaps caused by the way you sleep. In actual fact, a common sign of Sinusitis is snoring. Like, sleep apnoea the swelling and blocking of the mucous membranes results in heavy breathing and snoring.
  • Sinus sufferers are particularly susceptible to contracting allergies. Here’s how it works. If the stomach is constantly processing mucus, then it is unable to properly process food. If food is not broken down into its smallest parts so it can be properly absorbed in the small intestines then allergies can result.
  • It’s spring. The weather is beautiful but there’s only one problem. Forty per cent of the Australian population suffer from hay fever, which is an allergic reaction that affects the mucus membranes and upper passages of the nose. It is usually caused by external irritants, pollens, plants, animal fur, house dust, moulds, fragrances, especially synthetic perfumes and chemicals. These irritants cause inflammation, watery discharges from eyes and noses, headaches and often asthma attacks. Sinusitis sufferers are particularly prone to hay fever as they are constantly down with low immunity.