Not every sinus sufferer needs these vitamins and minerals, but some very chronic sufferers do because of their great value in protecting the mucous membrane.

  • Vitamin A: 36,000 International Units (IU) per day for one week, then 9000 IU per day for the rest of the month.  This initial dose is on the high side, but is not toxic.
  • Vitamin C: 3000 mg first thing in the morning, then 1000mg on the hour for the rest of the day for one week, then 3000 mg per day for the rest of the month.
  • Vitamin E:  500 IU per day for one week (one tablet morning and night), then 250 IU per day for the rest of the month (taken in the evening).
  • SAFFLOWER: SUNFLOWER COLD PRESSED OIL:  Great for the very dry patient.  Dryness is very symptomatic of the sinus patient, dryness of the skin, the mouth and the nose.
    Take one dessertspoon on a salad or straight from the spoon once a day.
  • Cold pressed oil is a great dietary addition for everyone’s good health.  It is of value for dry, scaly skin, high cholesterol, rheumatism and arthritis or any disease where there is a shortage of essential fatty acids.

PS: Robyn Kirby’s Herbs for Healing

GORSE is the flower for those who after many failures have lost their faith when in seemingly impossible situations.  In long chronic diseases, when no hope for recovery is left and the patient has lost all faith, Gorse is used.  They have suffered so many drawbacks that they think that nothing can help them anymore.  This could be useful for the sinus sufferer, used along with Rescue Remedy.

Preparation for Chronic Ailments

3 drops from each Stock Concentrate to a 30ml dropper medicine bottle, ¾ filled with spring water and topped up with brandy or cider vinegar (which act as preservatives).


Take 4 drops of the diluted Remedy on the tongue four times daily.

PS: Flower Remedies, Christine Wildwood